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Whale watching

Land based

Did you know that Walker bay is said to host the best land based whale watching in the world? A 40 minutes’ drive out from the bustling holiday town of Hermanus leads you to the quieter cliff paths of De Kelders, where one is free to enjoy the splendor of whale watching without the crowds.

Our Self catering apartments are set overlooking the ocean, which means that it is possible to see whales from your bedroom window, or at sundown whilst enjoying a glass of wine on the patio. Every year between June and December, Southern Right Whales make the long migration from Sub Antarctica to calve in the sheltered bays of the Southern Cape. Our Area boasts one of the highest concentrations of whales along the coastline, and they can often be found playing just off the kelp forests which line our rocky shores.

Southern Right Whales are very distinctive looking animals and are hard to miss. These whales reach a size of around 15.5m and are dark black in colour, with rather rotund bodies and crusty white patches on the head, which we call callosities. They are also one of few whales and dolphins which do not have a dorsal fin and are known for spending most of their time at the surface. One can spot them showing off their tail flukes, flippers and even their bellies as they socialize with their young and fellow adults.

From shore, also keep a look out for our other oceanic wonders such as dolphins and Cape Fur Seals, who scourer the bay in search of fish and other prey.

Boat Based 

If you would like a closer look at these gentle giants, join a two hour boat tour out on the Atlantic in search of whales. Although Southern Right Whales are the species we primarily seek to see, there is also a chance of spotting the residential Brydes Whale or acrobatic Humpback Whales travelling through the bay.

There are four species of dolphin that can be found here, ranging from the endangered Indian Ocean Humpback Dolphin which lives in small family groups, to the Common Dolphin, who’s pods can number into the thousands.

Seabirds are also plentiful, with Cape Cormorants flocking in a sight that can only be compared to that of the wildebeest on the Serengeti. Pelagic species such as Albatross and shearwaters are a common sight in our winter months, especially when you make your way towards the infamous Danger Point.

Sharks, African Penguins and Cape Fur Seals can also be spotted whilst out and about, which makes this the perfect outing for nature enthusiasts and ocean lovers. Tours launch up to 5 times daily in peak season, and we would recommend taking along a windbreaker, your camera and a pair of binoculars.

Before your tour, you will be treated to a cup of coffee and be given an expert safety briefing before embarking on your sea safari.


With the beautiful backdrop of Cape Fold mountains, fynbos and white sandy beaches, this is an experience not to be missed. 

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